Web Sharing Community. Highlighting a church’s  congregation and programs Getting out in front of the community The Project Modernize an old HTML site Make it easier to share bulletins, homilies, and other important material Develop a landing page that provides a welcoming experience to new site visitors and introduces them to the many programs of […]

Visual and Functional

web + training Visual & Functional. Moving a prolific professor to WordPress a busy college professor felt locked into a 1990s website that was serving no one. The Project Migrating hundreds of articles from a vintage HTML site to WordPress Organizing the content Adding visual appeal Making mobile friendly for students Setting up a workflow […]

Virtual Pub

Events + Branding Virtual Pub. Devising a members-only live space for drinks & chat toasting friends in a virtual tavern The Project Creating branding suggesting a Shakespearean English pub Determining best platform for restricted-access live events Proposing several formats for structuring pub activities and flow Training tech-shy cast members to set up green screens and […]

Online Course

Web + Ecommerce Online Course. Remote learning from an alternative healer  Bringing integrative medicine Education Online. The Project Design of sales landing page Research course software Collaborate with client on structure for content Set up of course platform, lessons, quizzes, student areas, automatic completion certificates Ensure easy access for students Train clinic staff to manage […]

Strategy + Design + Build

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